Sunday, December 24, 2017

Seasonal stress

The time escapes.  Christmas draws even closer.  It is a wonderful time of celebration, but why do I stress so much this year?  I never have before!  I certainly hope that your shopping is easier...

In the winter air...
rushing here and there
to get that perfect gift-
the very heart to lift.
But do we KNOW the heart?
The right gift to impart?
"It's the thought that counts..."
Does that trump all "amounts?"

In the winter air...
we seem to put such care;
But God is present there
as we run everywhere!
Enjoy Him in the cold
as His arms, they unfold;
for in His firm embrace
may we give gifts of grace.

Are these words from the heart of God?  Or are they my excuse for not being known as the perfect gift giver?  I spent almost two hours shopping for someone the other day.  In that time, I found ONE single thing that spoke to me of the loved one I was shopping for.  And when I got it home to wrap it, I read something on the box and realized I had to return it.  REALLY?!  But I put some much time into it!!
The receiver of the gift told me that the very fact that I invested effort and time into finding a gift was a gift in itself.  The perfect gift.
Being Christmas eve, I know better than to go back out and find something else.  Even though I know what I have in mind, it will take me all day just to get through all the people!  So we will get it next week.

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