Monday, December 4, 2017

Season of excuses?

As we go about doing as much as we can at our workplaces, some thoughts are elsewhere.  Some are struggling over what to get whom to please them.
And as all that goes on, there are others out there among us who merely wonder where their next meal will come from.
Is there a "balance" at all...

"The season of excuses" let it
not turn out to be!
We are so very, very blessed
from God abundantly!
But say, how close are we to them
who do not have as much?
Do we avoid them at all cost
and risk not any touch?

Jesus IS the season and
He knows our every way.
He even knows each motive that
we use throughout the day.
He hears the words we do not say
when "so-and-so" comes up;
and when he reaches out his hand
he sees us at that cup.

"The season of excuses" may we
put behind us now,
step up and do the very best
our wallets will allow!
God WILL replace the gift and more
"at such a time as this;"
yes, do your best so many others,
Christmas, will not miss!

So very great the vast the opportunities to many out there VERY appreciative of ANY support they can get.
What thoughts will govern your heart in the next several weeks?

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