Sunday, December 3, 2017

Permanent Song!

Enter His gates with thanksgiving in your hearts, enter His courts with praise!
Enter His house with thanksgiving in your heart, enter into His worship with praise!
Can it be done?  It CAN be done, no matter what "season" it is, no matter what you are going through.  JUST DO IT!  GOD WILL ALWAYS HONOR THAT!

Glory! Glory!  Glorious!

O sing, ye people, sing!
Hallelujah!  Hallelu,
today is born The King!
O let His glory permeate,
For victory is come:
Jesus come!  Yes, Jesus come!

Glory, glory--celebrate!
For Purpose to arrive!
Jesus come and make provision-
each one come alive!
Yes, He is come for EVERYONE
that bids Him "Enter in.
Dwell in the very heart of me,
and please forgive my sin!"

Glory!  Glory!  Celebrate--
and far beyond His birth!
For Jesus has so grafted us,
establishing our worth!
Establishing His victory,
(including us, also!)
Christmas time...and constantly...
more of His truth to know!

Constantly, indeed.  But right now, as we enter into the Christmas season, He provides each of us reason to sing and celebrate His birth!  Don't let ANYTHING prevent that in your life!


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