Thursday, December 21, 2017


Why does it seem like the further technology advances, the worse our communication skills suffer?  Yes, I am old-fashioned.  Some people call me a relic.  Some kids call me a dinosaur.  I see group of them sitting at the same table at a restaurant, and each of them are staring at their phone with fingers flying!  (And not just 'kids!')
Is the gift of conversation a lost art?

Where is the time that we would spend
actually using our voices?
Communication has become
so many other choices!
How many now the hours we just
stare into our hands,
instead of listening to someone
and learning life's demands?
And what of conversation where we
look into the eyes?
Listening past vain facades,
the heart to realize?
Some have become masters of
deception of the heart,
just so they may not have to speak
of some distressing part.

But lighter than that, gone the days
of putting down the phone
and investing in each other?
(Some are quite alone!)
And some are very interesting,
IF we make the time
and avoid addiction to
the "technology" paradigm!

Even this man.  Sometimes, the day will go by and I will find myself writing a message to send around the world, proof it and off it goes.  I will then tell myself that it was for God's glory, and that will 'excuse' myself from genuine prayer, fellowship and investment in my most valuable relationship.  Really?!
"Father God, please forgive me!"

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