Sunday, December 10, 2017

No Arguments!

Certain of His control over my life and all that is happening, I use to get into trouble by getting into conversations with certain folks.  (No!  Not ME!!)  I finally realized that they do not want true conversation, they only want to prove that they are right and that their way is best.
Right now I escape such memories by just being in God's Presence as He creates...

Darkness now to veil the land
accompanying the chill!
However, I see Father's hand,
and it brings such a thrill!
In the weeks before the winter
I look at the sky
as, one-by-one, He lights it up
before the very eye!

And in illumination, it is
Christ I think about.
His day of birth approaches and
it causes me to shout!
So vast the conversation of
exactly where and when...
but it shan't quell our celebration
of His birth--AMEN!

The sky above now full of stars
as we be full of song--
celebration to our God
unto Whom we belong!
We set aside the arguments
and so embrace our Lord--
the very greatest Gift of Love
The Father could afford!

Knowing that I am a Christian and a writer of Him and His ways, I often see a group of people gather in the restaurant and discuss (and argue) "Christianity."  I sat in on one of their meetings long ago and it seemed like all they wanted to do is pick Him and His Word apart!  As I got up to leave, one man said "Can't handle it, huh?"  I replied "I am quite secure in my beliefs, and That Word you are picking apart actually speaks to me.  And from what I am hearing in this group, I don't think YOU could handle THAT!"
I was not invited back.

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