Saturday, December 9, 2017

King of Glory!

It is that time of year when most people are focusing on Christmas.  It is that wonderful time of giving and receiving things from the heart.  In all of the getting and giving and getting, don't forget Him Who is supposed to be central in our lives this time of year...and always!

Jesus Christ we celebrate You--

King of all the heart!
Praise and adoration, at this time,
do we impart!
You are worthy of the glory
this time and always!
We honor You and magnify You
with our heartfelt praise!

King of Glory--come so humbly

in a stable low...
King of Glory--Son of God!
Word made flesh to know!
King of Glory--bled...died...raised
to free us from the curse!
King of Glory--soon to come
and rule the universe!

O Jesus Christ, we celebrate You

drawing ever near!
It is Christmas!  We celebrate
the fact that You are here!
All around us all the day
as we press on with You!
King of Glory--Jesus Christ,
Your adoration due!

Yes, Jesus is The King of Glory!  Allow Him reign over your heart and watch your life change for His (and your) good! 


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