Saturday, December 2, 2017

"Just another walk..."

Time for my daily walk.  I'm a little late getting it in, as there was much to be done today.  But here I am, and as I round the corner to go up the hill, I behold

In the east afar, a moon

to stop me in my tracks!
They call it one so very rare,
and it's cause to relax!
I find a place and make the time
to watch it for awhile;
the news calls it a "Super Moon--"
God hears them with a smile!
And unto Him be praise and glory!
Adoration true!
For only He could make such sight
and share with me and you!
So fortunate, the ones that make
the time for to behold;
so fortunate to have this memory-
later to be told!

A simple moment set aside to watch God do something amazing before your very eyes.  Aren't you glad you took the time from your busy schedule to capture this incredible memory?

In case you missed it, don't fret.  He will do something amazing tomorrow too.  Pay attention!

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