Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Joy overflowing!
Joy overwhelming!
Joy overtaking the issues of the day!

"Your joy, oh Lord, our blest escape
from that which would abound!
Though this world, it would fluctuate,
Your joy, it keeps us sound!
So many are the situations
that embezzle joy,
we cling to You, Lord, all the more,
Your Living Word employ!

Your Joy--it is not based upon
the things that happen here.
For it is gifted from Your hand
to them that persevere!
And even when the situations
seem to linger still,
Your joy would stabilize the more,
according to Your will!

Your Joy--more than 'emotion,'
and far beyond mere 'feel;'
for it is resident within
that nothing may conceal!
O thank You for that joy that reigns
in spite of daily living;
thank You for Your joy, Lord, that
so freely You are giving!"

That phone call...
That letter in the mail...
That visit from 'them...'
That doctor's report...
Don't let it steal your joy.
Regardless whatever "that" may be in your life, you are a child of The King and He knows exactly how to handle that.  Release it to Him and trust.  He already has everything planned, He knows the outcome, and His plans are good.
Cling firmly to His joy!

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