Thursday, December 14, 2017

IT'S worth it?

Yesterday, I wrote about how HE was worth the celebration and the ornate lights that folks display this time of year.
Of course, there are some that turn it into an all-out "war" about "who-can-outdo-whom-with-what!"  Some have completely missed it.  That's not the point of "celebrating Jesus" at all!

Humbly, gentle music, without

fanfare in the least...
decorations be already-
more glorious in the east!
In the the evening...
watching skies above,
can we behold HIS celebration?
Come be Perfect Love!

For two look at the budget and
they realize the best
that they could do for one another
is sing His songs and rest.
Caught up they with necessities
so far from "tradition,"
they know the meaning of His coming
through their frail condition.
And in the face of "But, for years,
it's always been that way..."
they take a stand and, face-to-face,
say "Let's do this GOD'S way!
So many will not understand...
some folks may even scoff...
but what if, from 'what's expected,'
we take a season off?"
Some will not get very much...
some, nothing at all,
but those who care and know us best
will realize we gave all!"

And suddenly, a weight be lifted;
come be Perfect Peace!
O look ye into your own hearts
do you need such release?
Or is it only two alone
inside a small, blue home
that savor now such liberation-
no frantic malls to roam?

Of course, it is JESUS we are celebrating!  Yes, He is worthy of fanfare and glory!  But too many I have spoken with in the past few weeks have told me how they dread these weeks before Christmas, or they cannot wait for it to be over!  It's not supposed to be that way!  And if it has become that way because we are "expected to be or give or do something that we are not...or aren't up to...or can't afford," then we have surely missed the very purpose of Christmas.

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