Sunday, December 24, 2017


This is not the end! 
There are myriads of folks out there within reach of these words that are praying and hoping for something...and it just ain't happening.
Did they do something wrong?
Is there sin in their life?
Did they use the wrong choice of words when they asked God for it?
............and the list goes on.
Maybe, just maybe, the answer from God may NOT be "No," but "Not yet."
Have you got the patience and persistence to handle that response?

Faithful, oh so faithful,
He is and He will be!
We pray...we ask...we worship Him
and answers do not be!
How long is "Patience" when He says
that such we should possess?
Now long is "time" when He has vowed

to answer and to bless?

But hope in God!  For He is good
upon His every word!
How many are the centuries
He's spoken, and it's occurred?
How many the requests that we
want answered right away?
But hope in God!  His time and ours,
they may be far away!

Yes, hope in God.  That which we seek
may not be His reply.
He may have a much better plan
than sought by you and I!
He knows all things...He sees all things
and He knows what is best!
Yes, hope in God, trust in HIS plan
and you'll receive the best!

When?  I don't know.  But God knows!  He knows the needs you have...the wants you have...the deadlines set by mere men...the amount you have left of that...HE KNOWS IT ALL!  And He will continue to provide in ways that you could never imagine!
Continue to HOPE IN GOD!

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