Wednesday, December 13, 2017

He's worth it!

As we drive back and forth these days, we see many houses and businesses decorating or setting up displays for Christmas.  Jesus Christ is worth it. 

Multi-colored lights be strung

on buildings and in trees...
music is resounding as
we witness all of these!
Choirs all around the town
lending every voice,
as Christmas time is celebrated--
let every man rejoice!

Let us break forth into song--

for Christ the King is come!
He is worth all celebration
all of living from!
There is not another King
to take His glory Place!
He is King...He is Lord...

Even wondrous lights ordain

the evening overhead!
Stars and planets, without number,
sparkle as they're led!
"They sparkle with the awe and splendor
that You're surely worth!
Jesus Christ, God the Son,
ALL celebrate Your birth!!"

The houses and businesses all decked out...but none to match the glory and splendor of JESUS AND HIS MAJESTY!


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