Sunday, December 17, 2017


I had a few words written on a page this morning.  I wrote them down before church started.  Normally, when it is four or five words, I know He wanted me to "capture" them and He will fill in the lines later.
He filled in the rest of the page as the music played...


Be there a Name with greater power?!
We sing out loud with endless song
as we approach Your hour!
See we now Your glory star
so brilliant in the east!
You come...You love...You give Your all
unto the very least!

And it is You we celebrate week...ALWAYS!
You are loving...You are holy...
You deserve all praise!
We sing to You a living hymn
as You receive our voices!
For we join every living thing
that deeply so rejoices!"

the living, newborn King!
"He is worthy!"  "He is holy!"
Ever do we sing!
There is not another that
we cling to in this living!
It is only Jesus!  Love Him!
He is HOPE--so giving!!

The middle of December.  Anticipation growing!  A mere week away and we celebrate His birthday!  Some of us, however, just can't wait, and we have already been singing and smiling and sharing the joy and the HOPE that is our Savior Jesus Christ!!

Join our celebration, won't you?  HE IS WORTHY!!

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