Thursday, December 28, 2017

Family & friends

Christmas.  That wonderful time of the year! 
No matter who you are or where you live, you are or will experience something other than "joy" during the holidays.
God knows this and He understands.

The tears begin to fall as I
begin to decorate...
Christmas--always wonderful--
with memories so great!
Three I love so very much
will not be here this year,
but Three that love me even more
will cling to me so dear!
And memories will be the gifts
abundant 'neath the tree;
as we give what we can, God's hope
is given unto me
through memories more valuable
than any other gift;
memories that draw such tears
yet give the heart such lift!

Bulbs that cause my heart return
unto a simpler day...
garland that draws laughter from
the things they used to say...
tinsel--ever fragile--minding
of each others' feelings...
lights aglow--illumination
sending our joy reeling!

Tears there are--but memories, 
they occupy each one!
And part of those tears fill with joy
knowing they're with God's Son!
The truest joy of Christmas--Gift
of solace, peace and joy
as we ENJOY the days that are--
HIS comforts to employ!

There are friends or loved ones in your life that aren't around this Christmas.  I understand.  God understands!  And He provides friends and loved ones that ARE here to be in contact with so that the JOY of Christmas can remain just that!
Find that joy and let NOTHING rob you of it!

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