Friday, December 15, 2017

Evening Plans

The end of a winter day.
I know a quiet place to go to unwind and think about the beautiful days ahead...

In the silence of the season

once again to find.
This day had such great victories,
but, right now, to unwind.
Carols very softly play
to help the task along,
and JESUS in the heart and soul
producing glory song!

Ten days until the birth of Him
Who comes to save the soul...
Ten days in preparation, knowing
He is in control...
Ten days--o be there song within
accompanying each one...
Ten days until comes JESUS CHRIST--
our Savior and God's Son!

The hallowed silence of the season
now be hard to find,
as the anticipation of Him is
like not another kind!
All glory, praise and honor--even
at the hour that be--
as worship of all Heaven's Host
would yet accompany!

Yes, the days get busy in the times that are.  Try as we may, we still get a little caught up in things we hadn't really planned...even a song service, in the dark, accompanied by the very Best that ever could be!


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