Friday, December 1, 2017

December 1st

December 1st.  ALREADY!!
Yes.  And as I look out the window I am amazed at how glorious His creation is!  We are so blessed to live in the midst of His handiwork...

"I gaze at Your creation,

and I must wipe the tears;
the glory of Your handiwork
so constantly appears!
The mountaintops so far away
are showing hints of snow...
the birds of morning share a song
with joy to overflow!

Beholding vast creation as

I worship God Creator.
There be no duties at this time
that cannot wait 'til later,
save to enjoy the panorama
He gives such as we
to start the day before the chores
that, each new day, must be!

"O Lord, the workings of Your hand

abounding so upon the land!
They astonish and amaze,
and make, so beautiful, the days!"

December 1st.  Though several weeks away yet, glorious hints of winter begin to appear all around.  Enjoy each day in the presence of His creation, and be grateful that you have opportune to behold them.


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