Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Anxious moment

Have you ever come upon a sight that was not quite what you expected?  What do you do then?
Have you ever gone to God with something heavy on your heart, seeking an answer, and felt like you were being ignored?

Seeking, with all diligence,
the face of God Most High.
The very depths of me, unto
my Risen Lord, they cry.
And when I finally catch a glimpse
of Him Who saves by grace,
I see His very mighty hand
covering His face!
Perplexed, so, at the sight of this,
anxieties arise:
Why would the God of help and guidance
cover up His eyes?
How could He take His sight off me
amidst all these fears?!
So I appeal, with shaky voice,
unto His very ears.
I KNOW He hears!  But, still, He only
stares into His hand.
Very humbly, I confess
I do not understand!
The very One Who loves me more
than anyone could know,
it seems, the very least bit of
attention, will not show!

Then, suddenly, He looks at me,
deep into my eyes.
His undying love, in silence
there I realize!
And, as He reaches out for me,
a numbness bids me calm
as, there, I see my photograph
imprinted in His palm.

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