Monday, December 25, 2017

Above it all

Around the world, there are celebrations of December 25th going on.  There is still something above it all.
In many homes there are exchanging of gifts with one another.  There is still something above it all.
In many other homes, there is pain and disappointment because there are no gifts to give, or someone is missing who has been there for every other Christmas.  There is definitely something above all that!

Beyond the gifts and decorations,

all from deep in heart,
there is something above it all
that God would so impart!
He sends His One begotten Son
from Paradise above
for each and every one of us
to come to know and love!

Amidst the gifts and packages
too numerous to call,
Father God sends each of us
the greatest Gift of all!
His Name is Jesus--He comes bearing
love, peace, hope and grace!
All we must do is, in our hearts,
find Him residing place!

So many gifts, but none be perfect,
save for One alone.
He does not have to be returned,
traded in or thrown!
He only wants our love, and to be
followed, listened to--
may we place this above the countless
things we've planned to do!

Most of the "countless" activities have happened leading up to today.  As we go about finishing that list, let us not neglect the most important things...which are not really "things" at all.
Merry Christmas!

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