Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A loss for words?

Where do I find words?  Words for hope and joy amidst a world of hatred, wars, fires, destitution, prosperity, deception?  Is it even for me to write about it all?  For I will find the words I should in the same place I have always found them, in my Father's voice...

"I have not called you to find words
inside a situation.
I merely call your pen to write
when I give inspiration.
I know that You can ably say
the topics that you've said,
but when you write words in My Name,
I want you to be led.

I know the damage and the pain

that's happening everywhere,
and I have other writers
much more able for to share.

I have a purpose for you, son,
and that's conveying ME,
not to attempt within yourself
to capture ALL you see.

I have a purpose for you--

it's a call, you're set apart
to let the people know my love
and so reveal my heart!
As long as you will follow and
record the words I say,
you will affect the ones I love
until your dying day."

"Yes, Lord."
No matter when I avail Him time and draw the sword, God is faithful to speak.  I sat down here to write something about Christmas.  God had other plans.  His ways are above my ways, and His words will do more good than mine.
Please continue to pray for me that I avail this pen to His leading.  He never fails.

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