Thursday, December 28, 2017

Family & friends

Christmas.  That wonderful time of the year! 
No matter who you are or where you live, you are or will experience something other than "joy" during the holidays.
God knows this and He understands.

The tears begin to fall as I
begin to decorate...
Christmas--always wonderful--
with memories so great!
Three I love so very much
will not be here this year,
but Three that love me even more
will cling to me so dear!
And memories will be the gifts
abundant 'neath the tree;
as we give what we can, God's hope
is given unto me
through memories more valuable
than any other gift;
memories that draw such tears
yet give the heart such lift!

Bulbs that cause my heart return
unto a simpler day...
garland that draws laughter from
the things they used to say...
tinsel--ever fragile--minding
of each others' feelings...
lights aglow--illumination
sending our joy reeling!

Tears there are--but memories, 
they occupy each one!
And part of those tears fill with joy
knowing they're with God's Son!
The truest joy of Christmas--Gift
of solace, peace and joy
as we ENJOY the days that are--
HIS comforts to employ!

There are friends or loved ones in your life that aren't around this Christmas.  I understand.  God understands!  And He provides friends and loved ones that ARE here to be in contact with so that the JOY of Christmas can remain just that!
Find that joy and let NOTHING rob you of it!

The Designer

Another day arrives.
You did so much yesterday that you can scarcely recall it all!  Really?  Is that the way life was designed?

So very much life happening,
so much of time to take.
Each day, decisions critical
this man must surely make:
To set aside that time with God
with naught to interfere?
It can be MUST be done
that life continues clear!

Time must be spent there at the job...
time with blest family...
time devoted to my wife-
such blessing unto me!
Time with church and family there...
time for life's issues real...
but in it all, there MUST be time
for God with want and zeal!

The day begins with agenda-
and God, He understands.
Put Him atop that list and know
success--it surely lands!
He will escort you all the day-
and grace and favor find!
O keep Him at the head of life
the way that He designed!

Life goes on.  For some of us, at a greater and greater speed each day!  But that does not excuse us from that personal, private time to refuel with Almighty God Himself!
He made the day for you to be with Him and succeed, not to set records getting as much done as you can!

Monday, December 25, 2017

"Yea, but...."

In our quest for more of God through ancient men and their texts, let not said search draw us away from His holy text: The Bible!
I was having lunch at the store the other day, and a man struck up a conversation with me.  In the conversation, he asked me if I had read any of __________________'s works from the 14th century.  In turn, I asked him if he ever read The Bible. 
"Of course.  Many years ago!" said he.
"Many years ago?  But don't you know it is a living Being and it's truths come alive afresh every time you read it?"
Suddenly, he remembered an appointment and had to leave.

So many are the pages come alive every time!
God telling His Own story--into His lap we climb!
Why do we find excuses often, saying "Later on..."
No reasons...just excuses...and "Later" is quickly gone!

So valuable to be that version most folks own.
How many have worn the pages of their very own?
How many even part the pages and know what's said?
How many hear such queries and react with dread?

The Holy Bible--valuable and so alive!
No other book to help assure you will arrive
in the Heaven that awaits, and Jesus waiting there!
O learn the life in each page and so very freely share!

Yes, there are myriads of volumes of words out there for us to absorb.  Some are quite valuable.  Some are absolutely essential.  But let us make sure that we invest as much time and effort (if not more) into the MOST essential: The Bible--God's Holy Word!

Above it all

Around the world, there are celebrations of December 25th going on.  There is still something above it all.
In many homes there are exchanging of gifts with one another.  There is still something above it all.
In many other homes, there is pain and disappointment because there are no gifts to give, or someone is missing who has been there for every other Christmas.  There is definitely something above all that!

Beyond the gifts and decorations,

all from deep in heart,
there is something above it all
that God would so impart!
He sends His One begotten Son
from Paradise above
for each and every one of us
to come to know and love!

Amidst the gifts and packages
too numerous to call,
Father God sends each of us
the greatest Gift of all!
His Name is Jesus--He comes bearing
love, peace, hope and grace!
All we must do is, in our hearts,
find Him residing place!

So many gifts, but none be perfect,
save for One alone.
He does not have to be returned,
traded in or thrown!
He only wants our love, and to be
followed, listened to--
may we place this above the countless
things we've planned to do!

Most of the "countless" activities have happened leading up to today.  As we go about finishing that list, let us not neglect the most important things...which are not really "things" at all.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 24, 2017


This is not the end! 
There are myriads of folks out there within reach of these words that are praying and hoping for something...and it just ain't happening.
Did they do something wrong?
Is there sin in their life?
Did they use the wrong choice of words when they asked God for it?
............and the list goes on.
Maybe, just maybe, the answer from God may NOT be "No," but "Not yet."
Have you got the patience and persistence to handle that response?

Faithful, oh so faithful,
He is and He will be!
We pray...we ask...we worship Him
and answers do not be!
How long is "Patience" when He says
that such we should possess?
Now long is "time" when He has vowed

to answer and to bless?

But hope in God!  For He is good
upon His every word!
How many are the centuries
He's spoken, and it's occurred?
How many the requests that we
want answered right away?
But hope in God!  His time and ours,
they may be far away!

Yes, hope in God.  That which we seek
may not be His reply.
He may have a much better plan
than sought by you and I!
He knows all things...He sees all things
and He knows what is best!
Yes, hope in God, trust in HIS plan
and you'll receive the best!

When?  I don't know.  But God knows!  He knows the needs you have...the wants you have...the deadlines set by mere men...the amount you have left of that...HE KNOWS IT ALL!  And He will continue to provide in ways that you could never imagine!
Continue to HOPE IN GOD!

Seasonal stress

The time escapes.  Christmas draws even closer.  It is a wonderful time of celebration, but why do I stress so much this year?  I never have before!  I certainly hope that your shopping is easier...

In the winter air...
rushing here and there
to get that perfect gift-
the very heart to lift.
But do we KNOW the heart?
The right gift to impart?
"It's the thought that counts..."
Does that trump all "amounts?"

In the winter air...
we seem to put such care;
But God is present there
as we run everywhere!
Enjoy Him in the cold
as His arms, they unfold;
for in His firm embrace
may we give gifts of grace.

Are these words from the heart of God?  Or are they my excuse for not being known as the perfect gift giver?  I spent almost two hours shopping for someone the other day.  In that time, I found ONE single thing that spoke to me of the loved one I was shopping for.  And when I got it home to wrap it, I read something on the box and realized I had to return it.  REALLY?!  But I put some much time into it!!
The receiver of the gift told me that the very fact that I invested effort and time into finding a gift was a gift in itself.  The perfect gift.
Being Christmas eve, I know better than to go back out and find something else.  Even though I know what I have in mind, it will take me all day just to get through all the people!  So we will get it next week.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Three Things

A house full of people as different as the gifts that are passed about!  Three important things unite us, however: Jesus, Love & Care.
Though there may or may not be dozens of gifts and packages this year, we still have love, care and JESUS!

So beautiful, the tree atrim!
More glorious, though, the gift of HIM!
So humble in a manger then,
but now, the Savior of all men!
Seated at the Father's right-
there, no more glorious a sight!
We decorate and we invest,

So beautiful, the many lights-

a most fascinating of sights!
In homes and buildings down the streets,
each family and stranger meets!
But glorious, the many lights
across the sky--each soul delights!
Again, the Father gives His best,
and sets One for His Very Blest!

So beautiful, eternal, too,

creation for each man to view!
One hand alone for to create,
and cause each one to celebrate!
So visible, this holy night
as loved ones gather to delight
and celebrate, once more, His birth-
the One to rescue all the earth!


We celebrate in so many ways--each of them filled with joy and giving! 
Even if we can only afford to give a smile to one another, so let us do as we celebrate the birth of Jesus once again!

The Winter Wind

The winter wind blows...'Tis the season.
In a lot of places, it is a very dangerous season.
In some places, it is a very painful season.
In most places, it is a very joyful season!  It is the season to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 
In the latter, they be accustomed to focusing on the joy of Him come! 
Can we not lay all else aside and focus on Him; giving gifts, as we are able, in His honor?

O lay aside the stress that seems
to build this time of year,
and see the Miracle that came
upon a midnight clear!

O rise above the underlay
that robs and steals from heart,
and cling unto the joy that sings

O gather ye as many as
are willing to amass,
and love and laugh, converse and sing,
neglecting any crass!

O celebrate, with truth of heart,
the Truth of Christmas time,
and so obtain the Greatest Gift
inside each heart to chime!!

The winter wind blows.  May each of us be sure that such a wind is not coming from within us.  O that there be this time set aside to honor Jesus, invest time in one another, and to adorn one another with HIS gifts.
There is plenty of time afterward to "spend" on lesser issues and less important things.


Why does it seem like the further technology advances, the worse our communication skills suffer?  Yes, I am old-fashioned.  Some people call me a relic.  Some kids call me a dinosaur.  I see group of them sitting at the same table at a restaurant, and each of them are staring at their phone with fingers flying!  (And not just 'kids!')
Is the gift of conversation a lost art?

Where is the time that we would spend
actually using our voices?
Communication has become
so many other choices!
How many now the hours we just
stare into our hands,
instead of listening to someone
and learning life's demands?
And what of conversation where we
look into the eyes?
Listening past vain facades,
the heart to realize?
Some have become masters of
deception of the heart,
just so they may not have to speak
of some distressing part.

But lighter than that, gone the days
of putting down the phone
and investing in each other?
(Some are quite alone!)
And some are very interesting,
IF we make the time
and avoid addiction to
the "technology" paradigm!

Even this man.  Sometimes, the day will go by and I will find myself writing a message to send around the world, proof it and off it goes.  I will then tell myself that it was for God's glory, and that will 'excuse' myself from genuine prayer, fellowship and investment in my most valuable relationship.  Really?!
"Father God, please forgive me!"

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

When You're Alone

Here we are in the heart of the Christmas season--family... friends...JESUS...gatherings... all so wonderful and memorable!  But what of those so near us with no family or friends around to share this wonderful time with?
That doesn't concern you?!  It should!

And so, when I am all alone
and all my friends are gone;
as lonely as the dark of night
seeking out the dawn,
looking all around me,
realizing no one's there,
a voice comes falling on my heart--
for He has come to share!
For in all of my loneliness
I never am alone!
For when all of my friends are gone,
Someone leaves His throne;
lowering Himself, He comes
to be with me awhile,
and causes solace, hope and joy
to, with me, reconcile!

I don't know what this man has done
that would deserve this so,
that would allow me to, so freely,
all His blessings, know!
Regardless, though, He is in me
and so am I in Him,
and that allows me to have hope
whenever life is dim!

So ponder this: when you're alone
and you think no one's there,
if you will open up to Him,
He will, so freely, share!

It's Christmas again.  That wonderful time of the year!  But not for those of you with no one to spend it with.  Whoever you are and wherever you are, don't forget that there is a Presence more wonderful than any other: JESUS CHRIST!  Just say His Name and He will be right there with whatever you truly need.  He owns it all.  He does it all.  HE LOVES YOU!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

What a Gift!

As I ponder how close we are to Christmas, my heart reflects on just how grateful I am FOR Christmas, and the many benefits of having Jesus Christ residing in my heart!

Isaiah 12:
"I will praise You all the day,
regardless of this place!
Regardless of my situation,
You respond with grace.
And even if you're angry with me,
wrath is turned away,
and there I find Your loving arms
to be my very stay!

In the daily life of living
issues come and go.
Intelligence and common sense
react so very slow!
Yet, even in the mess I make
of what to say and do,
I look around and realize
I'm still embraced by You.

O God of my salvation,
I trust and do not fear.
I cling to You, Lord, even when
my sight becomes unclear!
I celebrate Your Presence in
my heart, my soul, my day;
and reassure my word to follow
on the Narrow Way!"

Christmas is closer.  So!  What does that have to do with the verses He just gave me?  EVERYTHING!  Jesus is Life.  Life is come to us through Christmas!  And though I often screw up in this life, I have Life within me Who understands and helps me do better next time.
CHRISTMAS--Jesus, mercy, grace, healing and understanding!  What a Gift!

Sunday, December 17, 2017


I had a few words written on a page this morning.  I wrote them down before church started.  Normally, when it is four or five words, I know He wanted me to "capture" them and He will fill in the lines later.
He filled in the rest of the page as the music played...


Be there a Name with greater power?!
We sing out loud with endless song
as we approach Your hour!
See we now Your glory star
so brilliant in the east!
You come...You love...You give Your all
unto the very least!

And it is You we celebrate week...ALWAYS!
You are loving...You are holy...
You deserve all praise!
We sing to You a living hymn
as You receive our voices!
For we join every living thing
that deeply so rejoices!"

the living, newborn King!
"He is worthy!"  "He is holy!"
Ever do we sing!
There is not another that
we cling to in this living!
It is only Jesus!  Love Him!
He is HOPE--so giving!!

The middle of December.  Anticipation growing!  A mere week away and we celebrate His birthday!  Some of us, however, just can't wait, and we have already been singing and smiling and sharing the joy and the HOPE that is our Savior Jesus Christ!!

Join our celebration, won't you?  HE IS WORTHY!!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Evening Plans

The end of a winter day.
I know a quiet place to go to unwind and think about the beautiful days ahead...

In the silence of the season

once again to find.
This day had such great victories,
but, right now, to unwind.
Carols very softly play
to help the task along,
and JESUS in the heart and soul
producing glory song!

Ten days until the birth of Him
Who comes to save the soul...
Ten days in preparation, knowing
He is in control...
Ten days--o be there song within
accompanying each one...
Ten days until comes JESUS CHRIST--
our Savior and God's Son!

The hallowed silence of the season
now be hard to find,
as the anticipation of Him is
like not another kind!
All glory, praise and honor--even
at the hour that be--
as worship of all Heaven's Host
would yet accompany!

Yes, the days get busy in the times that are.  Try as we may, we still get a little caught up in things we hadn't really planned...even a song service, in the dark, accompanied by the very Best that ever could be!


Thursday, December 14, 2017

IT'S worth it?

Yesterday, I wrote about how HE was worth the celebration and the ornate lights that folks display this time of year.
Of course, there are some that turn it into an all-out "war" about "who-can-outdo-whom-with-what!"  Some have completely missed it.  That's not the point of "celebrating Jesus" at all!

Humbly, gentle music, without

fanfare in the least...
decorations be already-
more glorious in the east!
In the the evening...
watching skies above,
can we behold HIS celebration?
Come be Perfect Love!

For two look at the budget and
they realize the best
that they could do for one another
is sing His songs and rest.
Caught up they with necessities
so far from "tradition,"
they know the meaning of His coming
through their frail condition.
And in the face of "But, for years,
it's always been that way..."
they take a stand and, face-to-face,
say "Let's do this GOD'S way!
So many will not understand...
some folks may even scoff...
but what if, from 'what's expected,'
we take a season off?"
Some will not get very much...
some, nothing at all,
but those who care and know us best
will realize we gave all!"

And suddenly, a weight be lifted;
come be Perfect Peace!
O look ye into your own hearts
do you need such release?
Or is it only two alone
inside a small, blue home
that savor now such liberation-
no frantic malls to roam?

Of course, it is JESUS we are celebrating!  Yes, He is worthy of fanfare and glory!  But too many I have spoken with in the past few weeks have told me how they dread these weeks before Christmas, or they cannot wait for it to be over!  It's not supposed to be that way!  And if it has become that way because we are "expected to be or give or do something that we are not...or aren't up to...or can't afford," then we have surely missed the very purpose of Christmas.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

He's worth it!

As we drive back and forth these days, we see many houses and businesses decorating or setting up displays for Christmas.  Jesus Christ is worth it. 

Multi-colored lights be strung

on buildings and in trees...
music is resounding as
we witness all of these!
Choirs all around the town
lending every voice,
as Christmas time is celebrated--
let every man rejoice!

Let us break forth into song--

for Christ the King is come!
He is worth all celebration
all of living from!
There is not another King
to take His glory Place!
He is King...He is Lord...

Even wondrous lights ordain

the evening overhead!
Stars and planets, without number,
sparkle as they're led!
"They sparkle with the awe and splendor
that You're surely worth!
Jesus Christ, God the Son,
ALL celebrate Your birth!!"

The houses and businesses all decked out...but none to match the glory and splendor of JESUS AND HIS MAJESTY!


Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Joy overflowing!
Joy overwhelming!
Joy overtaking the issues of the day!

"Your joy, oh Lord, our blest escape
from that which would abound!
Though this world, it would fluctuate,
Your joy, it keeps us sound!
So many are the situations
that embezzle joy,
we cling to You, Lord, all the more,
Your Living Word employ!

Your Joy--it is not based upon
the things that happen here.
For it is gifted from Your hand
to them that persevere!
And even when the situations
seem to linger still,
Your joy would stabilize the more,
according to Your will!

Your Joy--more than 'emotion,'
and far beyond mere 'feel;'
for it is resident within
that nothing may conceal!
O thank You for that joy that reigns
in spite of daily living;
thank You for Your joy, Lord, that
so freely You are giving!"

That phone call...
That letter in the mail...
That visit from 'them...'
That doctor's report...
Don't let it steal your joy.
Regardless whatever "that" may be in your life, you are a child of The King and He knows exactly how to handle that.  Release it to Him and trust.  He already has everything planned, He knows the outcome, and His plans are good.
Cling firmly to His joy!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

No Arguments!

Certain of His control over my life and all that is happening, I use to get into trouble by getting into conversations with certain folks.  (No!  Not ME!!)  I finally realized that they do not want true conversation, they only want to prove that they are right and that their way is best.
Right now I escape such memories by just being in God's Presence as He creates...

Darkness now to veil the land
accompanying the chill!
However, I see Father's hand,
and it brings such a thrill!
In the weeks before the winter
I look at the sky
as, one-by-one, He lights it up
before the very eye!

And in illumination, it is
Christ I think about.
His day of birth approaches and
it causes me to shout!
So vast the conversation of
exactly where and when...
but it shan't quell our celebration
of His birth--AMEN!

The sky above now full of stars
as we be full of song--
celebration to our God
unto Whom we belong!
We set aside the arguments
and so embrace our Lord--
the very greatest Gift of Love
The Father could afford!

Knowing that I am a Christian and a writer of Him and His ways, I often see a group of people gather in the restaurant and discuss (and argue) "Christianity."  I sat in on one of their meetings long ago and it seemed like all they wanted to do is pick Him and His Word apart!  As I got up to leave, one man said "Can't handle it, huh?"  I replied "I am quite secure in my beliefs, and That Word you are picking apart actually speaks to me.  And from what I am hearing in this group, I don't think YOU could handle THAT!"
I was not invited back.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

King of Glory!

It is that time of year when most people are focusing on Christmas.  It is that wonderful time of giving and receiving things from the heart.  In all of the getting and giving and getting, don't forget Him Who is supposed to be central in our lives this time of year...and always!

Jesus Christ we celebrate You--

King of all the heart!
Praise and adoration, at this time,
do we impart!
You are worthy of the glory
this time and always!
We honor You and magnify You
with our heartfelt praise!

King of Glory--come so humbly

in a stable low...
King of Glory--Son of God!
Word made flesh to know!
King of Glory--bled...died...raised
to free us from the curse!
King of Glory--soon to come
and rule the universe!

O Jesus Christ, we celebrate You

drawing ever near!
It is Christmas!  We celebrate
the fact that You are here!
All around us all the day
as we press on with You!
King of Glory--Jesus Christ,
Your adoration due!

Yes, Jesus is The King of Glory!  Allow Him reign over your heart and watch your life change for His (and your) good! 


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Uncommon sense

It's Christmas.
We rush here and there to get someone something that they will probably return. In many places we see, out of the corner of the eye, what we pretend not to see...

"Until my heart is broken, Lord,

with that which breaks Your own,
how can it be that I've matured,
how could it be I've grown...

Until I love and embrace the one
without a place to live,
how can I say I know Your heart,
and thus be free to give?

Until I truly care about
that one who says 'I'm gay,'
how can I even claim I'm Yours,
Your character to display?"

I do not have to love their lifestyle,
but I must love them.
For if I do but any less
they will not witness HIM!
Compassion and not hatred...
joy and not offense...
God loves ALL just like He loves us--
so use uncommon sense.

Christmas.  It's the season of giving.  But the gifts that most want and require are far from "seasonal!" 
Some merely want the gift of others saying "Hello" to them, instead of looking the other way...
Some merely want the gift of a phone call from a friend or family member...
Some merely want the gift of someone sitting down with them and having a conversation...about anything!!

Too many people have the mindset that a "gift" must be something fancy and wrapped perfectly.  Not so!  For some merely want those gifts that really cannot be "purchased."  And, for a lot of people, those seem to be the hardest to give.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Anxious moment

Have you ever come upon a sight that was not quite what you expected?  What do you do then?
Have you ever gone to God with something heavy on your heart, seeking an answer, and felt like you were being ignored?

Seeking, with all diligence,
the face of God Most High.
The very depths of me, unto
my Risen Lord, they cry.
And when I finally catch a glimpse
of Him Who saves by grace,
I see His very mighty hand
covering His face!
Perplexed, so, at the sight of this,
anxieties arise:
Why would the God of help and guidance
cover up His eyes?
How could He take His sight off me
amidst all these fears?!
So I appeal, with shaky voice,
unto His very ears.
I KNOW He hears!  But, still, He only
stares into His hand.
Very humbly, I confess
I do not understand!
The very One Who loves me more
than anyone could know,
it seems, the very least bit of
attention, will not show!

Then, suddenly, He looks at me,
deep into my eyes.
His undying love, in silence
there I realize!
And, as He reaches out for me,
a numbness bids me calm
as, there, I see my photograph
imprinted in His palm.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A loss for words?

Where do I find words?  Words for hope and joy amidst a world of hatred, wars, fires, destitution, prosperity, deception?  Is it even for me to write about it all?  For I will find the words I should in the same place I have always found them, in my Father's voice...

"I have not called you to find words
inside a situation.
I merely call your pen to write
when I give inspiration.
I know that You can ably say
the topics that you've said,
but when you write words in My Name,
I want you to be led.

I know the damage and the pain

that's happening everywhere,
and I have other writers
much more able for to share.

I have a purpose for you, son,
and that's conveying ME,
not to attempt within yourself
to capture ALL you see.

I have a purpose for you--

it's a call, you're set apart
to let the people know my love
and so reveal my heart!
As long as you will follow and
record the words I say,
you will affect the ones I love
until your dying day."

"Yes, Lord."
No matter when I avail Him time and draw the sword, God is faithful to speak.  I sat down here to write something about Christmas.  God had other plans.  His ways are above my ways, and His words will do more good than mine.
Please continue to pray for me that I avail this pen to His leading.  He never fails.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Season of excuses?

As we go about doing as much as we can at our workplaces, some thoughts are elsewhere.  Some are struggling over what to get whom to please them.
And as all that goes on, there are others out there among us who merely wonder where their next meal will come from.
Is there a "balance" at all...

"The season of excuses" let it
not turn out to be!
We are so very, very blessed
from God abundantly!
But say, how close are we to them
who do not have as much?
Do we avoid them at all cost
and risk not any touch?

Jesus IS the season and
He knows our every way.
He even knows each motive that
we use throughout the day.
He hears the words we do not say
when "so-and-so" comes up;
and when he reaches out his hand
he sees us at that cup.

"The season of excuses" may we
put behind us now,
step up and do the very best
our wallets will allow!
God WILL replace the gift and more
"at such a time as this;"
yes, do your best so many others,
Christmas, will not miss!

So very great the vast the opportunities to many out there VERY appreciative of ANY support they can get.
What thoughts will govern your heart in the next several weeks?

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Permanent Song!

Enter His gates with thanksgiving in your hearts, enter His courts with praise!
Enter His house with thanksgiving in your heart, enter into His worship with praise!
Can it be done?  It CAN be done, no matter what "season" it is, no matter what you are going through.  JUST DO IT!  GOD WILL ALWAYS HONOR THAT!

Glory! Glory!  Glorious!

O sing, ye people, sing!
Hallelujah!  Hallelu,
today is born The King!
O let His glory permeate,
For victory is come:
Jesus come!  Yes, Jesus come!

Glory, glory--celebrate!
For Purpose to arrive!
Jesus come and make provision-
each one come alive!
Yes, He is come for EVERYONE
that bids Him "Enter in.
Dwell in the very heart of me,
and please forgive my sin!"

Glory!  Glory!  Celebrate--
and far beyond His birth!
For Jesus has so grafted us,
establishing our worth!
Establishing His victory,
(including us, also!)
Christmas time...and constantly...
more of His truth to know!

Constantly, indeed.  But right now, as we enter into the Christmas season, He provides each of us reason to sing and celebrate His birth!  Don't let ANYTHING prevent that in your life!


Saturday, December 2, 2017

"Just another walk..."

Time for my daily walk.  I'm a little late getting it in, as there was much to be done today.  But here I am, and as I round the corner to go up the hill, I behold

In the east afar, a moon

to stop me in my tracks!
They call it one so very rare,
and it's cause to relax!
I find a place and make the time
to watch it for awhile;
the news calls it a "Super Moon--"
God hears them with a smile!
And unto Him be praise and glory!
Adoration true!
For only He could make such sight
and share with me and you!
So fortunate, the ones that make
the time for to behold;
so fortunate to have this memory-
later to be told!

A simple moment set aside to watch God do something amazing before your very eyes.  Aren't you glad you took the time from your busy schedule to capture this incredible memory?

In case you missed it, don't fret.  He will do something amazing tomorrow too.  Pay attention!

Friday, December 1, 2017

December 1st

December 1st.  ALREADY!!
Yes.  And as I look out the window I am amazed at how glorious His creation is!  We are so blessed to live in the midst of His handiwork...

"I gaze at Your creation,

and I must wipe the tears;
the glory of Your handiwork
so constantly appears!
The mountaintops so far away
are showing hints of snow...
the birds of morning share a song
with joy to overflow!

Beholding vast creation as

I worship God Creator.
There be no duties at this time
that cannot wait 'til later,
save to enjoy the panorama
He gives such as we
to start the day before the chores
that, each new day, must be!

"O Lord, the workings of Your hand

abounding so upon the land!
They astonish and amaze,
and make, so beautiful, the days!"

December 1st.  Though several weeks away yet, glorious hints of winter begin to appear all around.  Enjoy each day in the presence of His creation, and be grateful that you have opportune to behold them.