Saturday, November 25, 2017

Your word

"A man is as good as his word."
I heard that said many years ago when I was listening to two of my teachers briefly discuss a matter.  That was 8th grade.  My heart has reminded me of those words ever so often  since.
Though it was in a completely different context then, I see the same application too very often in this busy world in which we live...

"Hey Buzz, I'll give you a call this Friday..."
"The surgery is at ten?  I will be there to sit with you in the waiting room..."
"You need that Tuesday morning?  I will have it there before you have to open..."

What happened to the days when one

would do what they had said?
I'd rather no commitment be,
than spoken then misled.
In the days that are I hear
so very many "talk,"
but when it comes to keeping word
too many lack such walk.

Why be there now so little worth
in backing what you say?
Do I say what they want to hear
just so they'll go away?
Or am I just too afraid
to tell somebody "No,"
thinking it might sever the
relationship we know?

Too easy is it to say "Yes"
than to tell somebody "no,"
and then devise an "exit plan"
and break it to them slow;
or even tell them "yes" and then
not contact them again!
Have we so little pride left that
we care not of the pain?

"A man is as good as his word."

Ecclesiastes 5:5--"It is better for a man to not make a vow than for a man to make a vow and not follow through with it." njbv

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