Sunday, November 5, 2017

The days that are

"Another incredible day!"
That can mean a myriad of different things to all people.  That which impresses, excites or blesses this man may mean little or nothing for many others.  Therefore, "another incredible day" to me is in reference to the way that God has moved in my life today...and most of the lives of those who were with me!

Being in a meeting filled

with honesty and truth;
watching as the Lord affects,
from elder down to youth!
Knowing the reality
of Jesus and His ways-
it causes us to go through living
with a song of praise!
A song of praise within, regardless
what may be without...
a song of praise to overcome
the tendency to doubt...
a song of praise for to escort us
through that valley deep...
a song of praise to guarantee
that Christ, our souls, shall keep!

Being in a meeting for

to fill up one time more;
to even lift each other up-
for that is what we're for!
Away, but for a moment, from
the world and its ways;
being in a meeting with
God present to amaze!!

With all that is happening in and around us and the ones we love, this is a very necessary place for us to empty out...fill up...let go...hang on...and receive further instruction for the days that are.

Press on, my brothers and sisters, JESUS CHRIST IS COMING SOON!

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