Thursday, November 30, 2017

Still thankful

"Thanksgiving" as we know it was a week ago.  Does that mean that we are no longer thankful?  I certainly hope not!  For EVERY DAY brings something new to thank God and praise Him for!

Still thankful be the heart of me
as I walk with my God.
Our conversations always are,
and never, to Him, odd.
He speaks to me of everything,
He listens just as much;
I am so blessed to serve a God
with such a loving touch!

Still thankful be the heart of me,
and not just for a time.
For constantly be things in life
to make that thanks to climb!
For it is not just "seasonal,"
it is a way of life--
a heart of gratitude remains
in happiness or strife.

Yes, still thankful be the heart of me,
and rises up His song!
So grateful is this man that,
unto God, I do belong!
Regardless of possessions,
regardless any lack,
I will sing gratitude to Him
'til I see Him come back!
And then I will be all the more grateful as we spend all eternity in His Presence!

No matter your state of matter your status in this life, we all have things to be thankful for each and every day.  But then again, "things" are not what a heart of thanks is about either.  We all have reason to give thanks to God...even if just for His constant Presence!

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