Thursday, November 16, 2017

Stay focused

In spite of what goes on in your world, stay focused.
In spite of what goes on in THE world, stay focused.
In spite of the time of year that it is, stay focused.
Regardless of any and all that is happening in your life, stay focused.

In spite of what is happening,
I know a sure Escape!
In the very face of evil,
One Name has life agape!
The very name of JESUS...
only Jesus--nothing more;
He causes peace to overtake,
He makes life to restore!

Jesus--o the Name above
but any other Name,
He is right there beside you and
His mercies may you claim!
A fortress or a hiding place,
whatever you may need,
only whisper His sweet Name
and He will intercede!

The world and its ways seem to
go faster every day,
but Jesus Christ, He changes not,
and with you will He stay!
Call upon Him, trust in Him,
know He is in control;
trust Him with your harried life,
yes, trust Him with your soul!

Jesus--the answer to this matter how busy or crazy it gets!  Establish a relationship with Him and He will guide and guard your every step through this life...and then escort you into the next!

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