Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Song of thanks!

The holidays are upon us, Thanksgiving being just a week away.  But, once again, my own heart reminds me that thanksgiving is NOT just a holiday, it is a state of mind, a way of life, a precious gift from Him to Whom thankfulness is returned!
Have you found that "circle of life" yet?

Thanksgiving--more than "holiday,"
it is a way of life!
There is so much to be thankful for
amidst whatever strife!
I know provision from a Source
dependent on no "thing;"
I know provision from above,

and, unto God, we sing!

Grateful for so much of life,
(and not just lots of food!)
A grateful heart regardless, and
far more than "attitude!"
My attitude, at times, may suck,
but grateful I remain!
And He does not give up on me
because I am a pain!

But grateful, oh so grateful I,
though challenges abound!
For with His song of gratitude
remain I strong and sound!
And He--the very Giver of
the music and the song,
listens and assures that,
unto Him, I do belong!

The holidays are upon us.  For most, it is a joyful time.  For others, it is one of the most painful times of the year.  But if you will keep a song of gratitude unto God inside of you, He will escort you through these times and NEVER leave your side!  THAT is something to be thankful for!


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