Sunday, November 12, 2017


Indeed, if you belong to Jesus Christ, your every word and deed will be under scrutiny in one way of another.  For this writer, I must guard my mouth at times, (at ALL times!) as I sometimes kinda "push the envelope" to make someone smile or laugh.  I know that none of you have that problem.

To guard the tongue amidst the evil

that abounds each day...
so infinite, the urges and
the opportune to say
a thing that be offensive...
a thing that be untrue...
a thing to just make someone laugh...
a thing one can't "undo."

"O guard against the urge to say
but anything at all
that would even cause one doubt
against this hallowed call!
Abundant are the outlets that
would draw me into such,
but in all things, may I retain
a pure and gentle touch!"

For it is written years ago
"No man can tame the tongue;"
so I cry out to YOU to cause
sin to remain unsung
by purifying that within
the very heart of me,
that when I speak or write at all
YOUR wisdom it would be!

Pray for me.  Pray for each of us that we would have the words of God available to those who need them...and live our lives in ways that back His words up.

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