Saturday, November 4, 2017

Only 'words?'

Unfortunately, in the days that we are in, it is amazing how much damage one can do in so little time...

How tragic be the damage
a simple word can do!
How tempting be to share a rumor,
even if untrue.
How starving be the appetite
to nourish, lest we miss...
how wretched be the heart that would
concoct a word like this!!

But then, how deranged is a heart
that feeds on such as this?
For gossip, lies and rumors, they
are out of the abyss!
And what say of the ones that just
can't wait to pass them on?
One more vestige of integrity
completely gone.

One more sign Christ spoke about
concerning "final days."
"Men accusing falsely--" just
another of the ways.
But know those of integrity
that when such words arise
you'll know that they are only "words,"
from demons in disguise!

The days that we are in are evil.  If I don't like someone, have something against them, hate something about them, all I have to do is whisper it or put it on the web and it spreads like wildfire!  Often ruining the reputation of another...even if that "another" has nothing to do with what's being said.
God help us!

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