Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November 14. Again.

November 14.  Again.  One of the most special days of my life!  God arranged it so that 36 years ago on this day I walked down the aisle with one of the most amazing gifts by my side!
As I attempt to write this through the tears, finding words about her is not a problem at all!  I must attempt to discipline myself to contain that many words about her into just a few verses!  For that, I ask Holy Spirit to guide me...

A gift that could be nowhere else attained.
For from the hand of God was she obtained!
He saw through life and knew my wants and needs,
and made a gift that very far exceeds!
He gave her to me o so long ago,
but "only yesterday" does it seem so!
From walking hand-in-hand along the beach...
to helping one another see and reach.
The children, jobs, locations in between
have drawn us closer...though far from "routine!"

That gift that I could nowhere else obtain,
God entrusted to me for my gain!
And though 'gain' may have wavered in the slight,
not ever did my love for her leave sight!
And even today, as decades have amassed,
and years of living life have come to pass,
my love for her remains so deep and strong,
and she remains the words unto my song!

I must close this as I wipe the tears.  But I do so saying "Thank you" to Debby Busby for causing my life to be filled with emotions, (most of them wonderful and positive!)  I am one of the wealthiest men in the world to have a woman like you...no, to have YOU as my wife!  For there is not another to compare to, nor that I even desire!
I love you, honey.  Happy Anniversary!

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