Wednesday, November 8, 2017


As the colors of autumn become richer and deeper, I see that they are also becoming sparse.  It's all part of His order set in motion before creation itself.
Have you seen His beauty yet today?

The splendor of His handiwork

in every way you turn!
Though several weeks of season left
the colors would yet burn!
Covering the ground again,
(and changing even there!)
autumn in the Ozarks leaves
it's beauty everywhere!

But take a moment just to know

the sight before it's gone.
For it will be desired when
the white goes on and on...
But for the moment God creates
a color masterpiece
that bids the wonder to enjoy
as labors briefly cease!

Take a moment this day to merely stop, look around and find God's fingerprint.  I promise, you won't have to look very far!


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