Monday, November 27, 2017

Light Display

The holidays.
To many, it is a two-month, non-stop race to see who can get the best or the most.  I learned many years ago that you can do so much and that's all you can do.  I also learned to include Jesus in as much as I could.  Tonight, He reminds me once more that He is still right here with me as I do what I can...

In the solemn silence and

the stillness of the night,
I gaze across the vast expanse
at a most awesome sight:
planets, stars and constellations
brilliantly aglow--
causing the most busy man,
a worthy pause, to know!
Briefly disappear all of
the issues of the day...
gone be noises that distract
from such a grand display...
absent are all other thoughts
save God the Father's touch--
breaths of adoration are,
so very, very much!

How long to be this Presence and then
life to start back up?
What it takes for Creator God
to fill my lifted cup!
He does so ever-faithfully
in such a mighty way,
allowing me be witness to
His massive light display!

A lonely country road.  No streetlights.  Not even any homes.  Only another car passing by about every 15 minutes.  No other light to dim the glory and the grandeur of the night sky.  Every person, as often as possible, should find such a place and behold the very fingerprints of God.  He even illuminates them for you!

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