Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I spoke with a pastor a few weeks ago.  He has a church in a state up north.  I have known him for many years, and we confide in each other.  Every Christian man needs another male friend in his life to be accountable to, sort of like David had Jonathan.  After listening to this man, here is what the conversation said through my notes:

"Christmas--just around the bend;

time with family...time with friend...
time to shop...time to buy...
time for services have I.
I must find time for this and more.
For that's what "sacrifice" is for;
and if I miss a few demands,
surely my family understands.
And I have "reasons," this I know.
'It is too very far to go...'
'The price of travel is so high...'
I tell me this to justify.
And they know I'm a busy man.
I call or contact if I can.
I know that they can use the phone
because 'they just sit there at home.'

Meetings...parties...PR stuff...
balancing it all is so rough!
And my own family have I, too.
Understand it, though, they do.
Christmas--just around the bend.
Four weeks--they come and go, my friend!
We will get through it, this I know,
regardless what effects may show."

As you can see, in his part of our conversation, he was telling me how busy he is with "things of the church," and trying to justify it all.  Many years ago, I would have probably agreed with all he was saying because I lacked the boldness to do otherwise.  The longer I serve The Lord, read His Word, and listen to His voice, the less pleasing people becomes, and the more boldly I can respond.

Have you got a friend so faithful that they will tell you when you are out-of-balance?
Will you even listen to them? 

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