Saturday, November 11, 2017


I was very privileged today to meet so many veterans who came by my window.  It was/is such an honor to personally thank them for their service here and abroad! 
It is my prayer that they sensed genuine gratitude, not just today but every time we see them.

Too often, words of gratitude,

(and actions for the same,)
are displayed but once a year--
for such, it be a shame!
That honor, thanks and admiration
they would sense more oft;
and that their service to this whole world
would not e'er be scoffed!

Often I have been around them

and not found the word!
Tears of honor and respect,
at those times, are occurred!
For I could never do their job,
("defective" was this man!)
but God, in His great wisdom,
nonetheless, had His great plan!

So to you each to heed the call

and honor "duty-bound,"
these verses of great gratitude
inside my heart are found!
And may they find their way to you
that you would know my thanks!
We're grateful so for each of you,
regardless of the ranks!

Yes, thank you again for not just what you do or did, but for who you are: heroes in a country that severely needs them!  God bless you, every veteran, and keep you in His hand!


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