Thursday, November 9, 2017

His many ways!

God's provision.  God's timing.  God's generosity.  God's perfect care for those who depend on Him.  Oh...the awesome benefits of trusting in Him!

Once again, the phone to ring
from many miles away.
"Hey Jim, we have a package for you,"
friendly voices say.
Just a humble package come
to them who pass it on;
but were it not for their great heart-
$600.00 gone!

Give, it shall be given
in oh so many ways!
To see a need and meet it will
return to you in days!
And even multiplied to you
as only Jesus can!
Oh, keep on stand-by with your heart,
for God--He has a plan!

God--my Great Provider, He
has moved yet one time more!
To see unto each others' needs--
for that's what we're here for!
See to it that we pass it on,
(and with a heart of joy!)
These are the very kinds of acts
His children should employ.

God has so many ways to provide for and meet our needs.  NEVER TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED!  Be grateful at every turn for that which constantly flows from up above!

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