Friday, November 10, 2017

Heart Thanks!

That's right.  Thankfulness from the heart to each of you who put your life on hold for such as we!

So grateful for each one that signs

to do what few want to...
so grateful we for them that go
where few desire to...
one stroke of a pen and they
could end up anywhere!
So grateful that "America--"
it is their utmost care!

Veterans of yesteryear...
veterans of now...
even veterans now gone,
in gratitude we bow!
You do what some don't want to do...
you do what some cannot...
but know that, in this country's heart,
you surely have a spot!

service to a nation and
a people and a world
is appreciated by so many--
gratitude unfurled!
Not just for a "holiday,"
but each and every day!
We thank you and we pray for you--

Yes, please continue to pray for those who served this country.  Each of us know some.  Thank them when you see them.  You may not like what they are doing, but some of them may not like it, either.  They STILL need our prayers and support!


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