Saturday, November 4, 2017

Fortunate to see!

The past several months have taught this writer how fortunate he is to see, and just how precious vision is!  Especially on a day like this...

Savoring the colors of
November afternoon!
So varied are the shades that are,
and then...gone too soon!
However, in the moment as
my Father has His brush,
creation is created while
all else is bidden "Hush!"

Precious are the moments and
so brief to be the time;
the poet even is to hurry
just to catch the rhyme!
But Him who paints the very lands
provides the words, also,
so the poet can help others,
His great touch, to know!

Savoring the colors while
communing with the Lord.
Discussing the majestic sights
that He would yet afford!
So very fortunate, the ones
who truly see and know
Creator God's great handiwork
upon us to bestow!

Savor the beauty of the seasons!  Enjoy the sights that are and thank God for them!  You never know when that privilege may be altered in any way!

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