Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Filling Station

The more the days advance, the closer we get to the end, more necessary become those moments we spend in the Presence of Jesus.
Our Refuge.
Our Hiding Place.
Our Protector.
Our Defender.
Our Everything.

"Jesus, in Your Presence I
must once more seek retreat.
I must enjoy Perfection as
I go about the street.
I have to know that You are here
wherever I may go;
for even if I stay right here,
it helps for me to know!

O Lord, my blessed assurance that

You're in complete control!
For as I stand upon that Truth,
I know that I'll be whole!
For even as the world about
may seem to go awry,
You flex Your mighty arms and say
'Fear not, child, here am I!'

But Lord, in this location where

it's You and I alone,
Your healing strength and restoration
is so fully known.
And I appreciate that You
yet fathom my retreat;
for here do You provide the time,
and I emerge complete!"

The Presence of God. 

It is a place that we must so often go just to fathom what is happening in this life.  And that which we cannot fathom?  We must leave that with Him so that we can yet go forward. 
Find that location and go there often.  For there can He refill us with what we will need.

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