Monday, November 13, 2017

Drawn to Gratitude!

Again, I am moved to write about being thankful and joyful.  Does that mean that we have everything and life is going perfectly?  Sometimes.  Not all times.  But being thankful and full of joy is not based on having everything, it is about having Jesus in my heart, and in Him are all things!

Thankful once again as life

goes by without a clue.
Grateful for the many things
we can and cannot do.
Making lists of all the "things"
for which to give God praise
fills the minutes...fills the hours...
fills the very days!

There be a song of gratitude
that nothing may affect!
Words unto Him, words about Him,
words that sure infect!
Words that praise and glorify
regardless of affair!
Words that touch His very heart
that nothing may impair!

But gratitude far more than word,
and carried out with joy!
That to block distraction so that
nothing may annoy!
Again, it is availed through Him
Who has us in His hands!
So blessed and highly favored them
that follow His commands!

So grateful and so grateful regardless.  Not everything in life is going to go our way, but we are still children of The King, servants of the Most High God!  Possessing of His favor, we press on KNOWING that we have much to be thankful for, and a song within that shall never end!

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