Monday, November 6, 2017


It has gone from being on national news to being on local news...
It has gone from seeing people on TV to seeing people we go to church with...
However, God remains in control and His ways will prevail...

So much is there to try and halt
the good that is alive;
we never shall allow it to!
For we shall each arrive!
There is a place called "Heaven," and
that place is very real!
We cannot let the things of earth,
the goodness there, conceal!
For Jesus Christ is Victory
in spite of what we see!
His Word, for it remains The Truth,
despite iniquity!
And Heaven, it remains a greater
future for His Own;
and in that Place, every answer
will be clearly known!
But on the way, let not the good
that is alive be stayed
by workings of the enemy
whose path is firmly laid!

The enemy knows his future.  Thus, he will do all he can in these final days to rob, steal and destroy, but GREATER IS CHRIST WITHIN US THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD!  Much pain has been inflicted in the past few weeks.  The very same has drawn much goodness out of the hearts of others, as we reach out to those affected.  Don't let ANY event callous us and cause His Love to wax cold.

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