Thursday, November 2, 2017

Christ in me!

Life.  It varies from day to day...indeed, moment-by-moment!  There is, however, something that remains secure and dependable, and that is Christ in me!

Christ in me--that blessed Hope

to which I dearly cling!
His Presence--it so generates
that Hope of which we sing!
So liberating is His Presence
as we enter in!
Yes, the glory of His Majesty
escorts us past all sin!

Christ in me--above the flesh,
His Presence makes to rise!
It's HIS endurance that reminds
of that beyond the skies!
causing me to press ahead
through that which may abound,
and keeping me secure in Him--
secure and safe and sound!

Christ in me--THE Victory
so long ago attained!
Available for anyone,
and by the heart obtained!
Christ within assuring that
great victory be known
until we see Him, (then forever!)
on His mighty throne!!

Jesus Christ within.  He has promised to be as we have vowed to allow Him be Savior of our souls.  But don't CONFINE Him to that place!  See to it that He is dispersed from you all day long wherever you go...for He is certainly needed in those places!


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