Sunday, November 26, 2017


Amidst the speed of life, once again it becomes necessary to find sabbatical and enjoy time with God, doing what He wants, and enjoying what He does.
What wonderful timing...

Afternoon is painted in
the sky across the west.
That one can even see it makes
that one so richly blessed!
The colors change at His command,
in process without date;
(one must behold it for himself
that these might relate.)

The colors are to vary and
the shades change without end.
There are times in the year that beauty
such is to extend;
but in the evening of the season
now upon the land,
the light is disappearing fast
as He but waves His hand!

Afternoon in autumn late-
a masterpiece makes He
and shares without reserve the gift
by blessing such as we!
What precious opportunities
regardless of how brief!
Look for His blessed reminders-- they
will bring His sweet relief!

A simple cloud formation in the sky.  I am sure that thy have scientific names and terms for them, but none of that matters as God ministers to His people through them.  Beautiful!

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