Tuesday, November 28, 2017

"Another day..." again

Just another day.  Man, am I glad that one's over! 

Another day behind us...

another less ahead.
One more closer to our goal
of Paradise instead!
In doing all I could today
did I do all I should?
Yes.  I did my best to see
that it was for HIS good!
Another day of serving Him,
and following His lead...
another day of helping out
another with a need...
another day to help my wife
to do what she gets done...
another day to serve the Lord--
some labor and some fun!

Another day behind us,
(and that not over yet!)
Another day to write these words
that, from the Lord, I get!
May they serve yet to draw someone
much closer to the Lord,
and learn that "just another day"
has so much to afford!

Another day behind us.  "I am so glad that one's over!" 

Really?!  Every time we have such thought, let us remember there are so many denied the opportunity of "another day."

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