Monday, November 20, 2017

All things

"Busier...busier...busier..."  It seems to be becoming life's theme anymore in this place!
But I know a place that is not only available for us to go to, it is absolutely necessary for us to go!

Above the controversies for awhile...
my heart needs opportunity to smile;
I know exactly where to go for such,
I know exactly Who has that great touch!
And He is here providing what I need.
Jesus Christ, my Risen Lord indeed!
He knows all that I'm needing to escape,
His arms--around this man, they fully drape!

Away, for just a moment, from the rush,
into a place where I can savor hush;
He is right here if I desire to talk...
He is right here if I want to slowly walk...
For He is everywhere and everything,
and, unto Him, my life does dearly cling!
I never, ever have to let Him go,
and He will never leave me, this I know!

And I may have to go back to the fray,
"But you are not alone," I hear Him say!
And I know, midst the chaos and the calm,
I am secure inside His able palm;
and, somehow, all things will work out for good
'Cause in His Living Word He said they would
for them that love Him and trust in His love--
Him Who orders our lives from above!

And YOU need to go to That Place also.  No matter how successful you matter what your income might doesn't even matter that everything in your life is completely perfect---You NEED that quiet time to be alone with Jesus.  Every single day!


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