Thursday, November 30, 2017

Still thankful

"Thanksgiving" as we know it was a week ago.  Does that mean that we are no longer thankful?  I certainly hope not!  For EVERY DAY brings something new to thank God and praise Him for!

Still thankful be the heart of me
as I walk with my God.
Our conversations always are,
and never, to Him, odd.
He speaks to me of everything,
He listens just as much;
I am so blessed to serve a God
with such a loving touch!

Still thankful be the heart of me,
and not just for a time.
For constantly be things in life
to make that thanks to climb!
For it is not just "seasonal,"
it is a way of life--
a heart of gratitude remains
in happiness or strife.

Yes, still thankful be the heart of me,
and rises up His song!
So grateful is this man that,
unto God, I do belong!
Regardless of possessions,
regardless any lack,
I will sing gratitude to Him
'til I see Him come back!
And then I will be all the more grateful as we spend all eternity in His Presence!

No matter your state of matter your status in this life, we all have things to be thankful for each and every day.  But then again, "things" are not what a heart of thanks is about either.  We all have reason to give thanks to God...even if just for His constant Presence!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I spoke with a pastor a few weeks ago.  He has a church in a state up north.  I have known him for many years, and we confide in each other.  Every Christian man needs another male friend in his life to be accountable to, sort of like David had Jonathan.  After listening to this man, here is what the conversation said through my notes:

"Christmas--just around the bend;

time with family...time with friend...
time to shop...time to buy...
time for services have I.
I must find time for this and more.
For that's what "sacrifice" is for;
and if I miss a few demands,
surely my family understands.
And I have "reasons," this I know.
'It is too very far to go...'
'The price of travel is so high...'
I tell me this to justify.
And they know I'm a busy man.
I call or contact if I can.
I know that they can use the phone
because 'they just sit there at home.'

Meetings...parties...PR stuff...
balancing it all is so rough!
And my own family have I, too.
Understand it, though, they do.
Christmas--just around the bend.
Four weeks--they come and go, my friend!
We will get through it, this I know,
regardless what effects may show."

As you can see, in his part of our conversation, he was telling me how busy he is with "things of the church," and trying to justify it all.  Many years ago, I would have probably agreed with all he was saying because I lacked the boldness to do otherwise.  The longer I serve The Lord, read His Word, and listen to His voice, the less pleasing people becomes, and the more boldly I can respond.

Have you got a friend so faithful that they will tell you when you are out-of-balance?
Will you even listen to them? 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

"Another day..." again

Just another day.  Man, am I glad that one's over! 

Another day behind us...

another less ahead.
One more closer to our goal
of Paradise instead!
In doing all I could today
did I do all I should?
Yes.  I did my best to see
that it was for HIS good!
Another day of serving Him,
and following His lead...
another day of helping out
another with a need...
another day to help my wife
to do what she gets done...
another day to serve the Lord--
some labor and some fun!

Another day behind us,
(and that not over yet!)
Another day to write these words
that, from the Lord, I get!
May they serve yet to draw someone
much closer to the Lord,
and learn that "just another day"
has so much to afford!

Another day behind us.  "I am so glad that one's over!" 

Really?!  Every time we have such thought, let us remember there are so many denied the opportunity of "another day."

Monday, November 27, 2017

Light Display

The holidays.
To many, it is a two-month, non-stop race to see who can get the best or the most.  I learned many years ago that you can do so much and that's all you can do.  I also learned to include Jesus in as much as I could.  Tonight, He reminds me once more that He is still right here with me as I do what I can...

In the solemn silence and

the stillness of the night,
I gaze across the vast expanse
at a most awesome sight:
planets, stars and constellations
brilliantly aglow--
causing the most busy man,
a worthy pause, to know!
Briefly disappear all of
the issues of the day...
gone be noises that distract
from such a grand display...
absent are all other thoughts
save God the Father's touch--
breaths of adoration are,
so very, very much!

How long to be this Presence and then
life to start back up?
What it takes for Creator God
to fill my lifted cup!
He does so ever-faithfully
in such a mighty way,
allowing me be witness to
His massive light display!

A lonely country road.  No streetlights.  Not even any homes.  Only another car passing by about every 15 minutes.  No other light to dim the glory and the grandeur of the night sky.  Every person, as often as possible, should find such a place and behold the very fingerprints of God.  He even illuminates them for you!

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Amidst the speed of life, once again it becomes necessary to find sabbatical and enjoy time with God, doing what He wants, and enjoying what He does.
What wonderful timing...

Afternoon is painted in
the sky across the west.
That one can even see it makes
that one so richly blessed!
The colors change at His command,
in process without date;
(one must behold it for himself
that these might relate.)

The colors are to vary and
the shades change without end.
There are times in the year that beauty
such is to extend;
but in the evening of the season
now upon the land,
the light is disappearing fast
as He but waves His hand!

Afternoon in autumn late-
a masterpiece makes He
and shares without reserve the gift
by blessing such as we!
What precious opportunities
regardless of how brief!
Look for His blessed reminders-- they
will bring His sweet relief!

A simple cloud formation in the sky.  I am sure that thy have scientific names and terms for them, but none of that matters as God ministers to His people through them.  Beautiful!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Your word

"A man is as good as his word."
I heard that said many years ago when I was listening to two of my teachers briefly discuss a matter.  That was 8th grade.  My heart has reminded me of those words ever so often  since.
Though it was in a completely different context then, I see the same application too very often in this busy world in which we live...

"Hey Buzz, I'll give you a call this Friday..."
"The surgery is at ten?  I will be there to sit with you in the waiting room..."
"You need that Tuesday morning?  I will have it there before you have to open..."

What happened to the days when one

would do what they had said?
I'd rather no commitment be,
than spoken then misled.
In the days that are I hear
so very many "talk,"
but when it comes to keeping word
too many lack such walk.

Why be there now so little worth
in backing what you say?
Do I say what they want to hear
just so they'll go away?
Or am I just too afraid
to tell somebody "No,"
thinking it might sever the
relationship we know?

Too easy is it to say "Yes"
than to tell somebody "no,"
and then devise an "exit plan"
and break it to them slow;
or even tell them "yes" and then
not contact them again!
Have we so little pride left that
we care not of the pain?

"A man is as good as his word."

Ecclesiastes 5:5--"It is better for a man to not make a vow than for a man to make a vow and not follow through with it." njbv

Monday, November 20, 2017

All things

"Busier...busier...busier..."  It seems to be becoming life's theme anymore in this place!
But I know a place that is not only available for us to go to, it is absolutely necessary for us to go!

Above the controversies for awhile...
my heart needs opportunity to smile;
I know exactly where to go for such,
I know exactly Who has that great touch!
And He is here providing what I need.
Jesus Christ, my Risen Lord indeed!
He knows all that I'm needing to escape,
His arms--around this man, they fully drape!

Away, for just a moment, from the rush,
into a place where I can savor hush;
He is right here if I desire to talk...
He is right here if I want to slowly walk...
For He is everywhere and everything,
and, unto Him, my life does dearly cling!
I never, ever have to let Him go,
and He will never leave me, this I know!

And I may have to go back to the fray,
"But you are not alone," I hear Him say!
And I know, midst the chaos and the calm,
I am secure inside His able palm;
and, somehow, all things will work out for good
'Cause in His Living Word He said they would
for them that love Him and trust in His love--
Him Who orders our lives from above!

And YOU need to go to That Place also.  No matter how successful you matter what your income might doesn't even matter that everything in your life is completely perfect---You NEED that quiet time to be alone with Jesus.  Every single day!


Saturday, November 18, 2017


Weather is happening right now.  Winds are having their way with all upon the land!  But when talking about the "weather," is it always only "meteorological?"

The wind has finally settled;

see branches in the yard;
I had to go retrieve some things
as it blew very hard!
Now silent is the evening and
approaching is the cold;
I am so very fortunate
to have a wife to hold!

God blessed me with a precious gift
so many years ago,
and we press on in His great will,
and happiness we know!
She is so very beautiful,
and very good to me!
I do my very best for her,
(even if I can't see!)

"There be two chairs out on the deck
and beautiful, the view
and I would like to spend the evening
watching stars with you.
Come with me, honey, as we start
upon another year.
You are a gift so beautiful;
I love you so much, dear!"

I am so blessed.  I am so very blessed to be married to such a wonderful friend!  Too many of the people we know cannot or will not say that.  Still others are clueless when you make such a statement!  
I fully agree with a comment made by a pastor today to two other people: Marriage is not 50/50.  It is 100/100.  I will go further: if one of you or both of you reach a point where you cannot give 100/100, continue to give all you can and God will make up for the rest! 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Stay focused

In spite of what goes on in your world, stay focused.
In spite of what goes on in THE world, stay focused.
In spite of the time of year that it is, stay focused.
Regardless of any and all that is happening in your life, stay focused.

In spite of what is happening,
I know a sure Escape!
In the very face of evil,
One Name has life agape!
The very name of JESUS...
only Jesus--nothing more;
He causes peace to overtake,
He makes life to restore!

Jesus--o the Name above
but any other Name,
He is right there beside you and
His mercies may you claim!
A fortress or a hiding place,
whatever you may need,
only whisper His sweet Name
and He will intercede!

The world and its ways seem to
go faster every day,
but Jesus Christ, He changes not,
and with you will He stay!
Call upon Him, trust in Him,
know He is in control;
trust Him with your harried life,
yes, trust Him with your soul!

Jesus--the answer to this matter how busy or crazy it gets!  Establish a relationship with Him and He will guide and guard your every step through this life...and then escort you into the next!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Song of thanks!

The holidays are upon us, Thanksgiving being just a week away.  But, once again, my own heart reminds me that thanksgiving is NOT just a holiday, it is a state of mind, a way of life, a precious gift from Him to Whom thankfulness is returned!
Have you found that "circle of life" yet?

Thanksgiving--more than "holiday,"
it is a way of life!
There is so much to be thankful for
amidst whatever strife!
I know provision from a Source
dependent on no "thing;"
I know provision from above,

and, unto God, we sing!

Grateful for so much of life,
(and not just lots of food!)
A grateful heart regardless, and
far more than "attitude!"
My attitude, at times, may suck,
but grateful I remain!
And He does not give up on me
because I am a pain!

But grateful, oh so grateful I,
though challenges abound!
For with His song of gratitude
remain I strong and sound!
And He--the very Giver of
the music and the song,
listens and assures that,
unto Him, I do belong!

The holidays are upon us.  For most, it is a joyful time.  For others, it is one of the most painful times of the year.  But if you will keep a song of gratitude unto God inside of you, He will escort you through these times and NEVER leave your side!  THAT is something to be thankful for!


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November 14. Again.

November 14.  Again.  One of the most special days of my life!  God arranged it so that 36 years ago on this day I walked down the aisle with one of the most amazing gifts by my side!
As I attempt to write this through the tears, finding words about her is not a problem at all!  I must attempt to discipline myself to contain that many words about her into just a few verses!  For that, I ask Holy Spirit to guide me...

A gift that could be nowhere else attained.
For from the hand of God was she obtained!
He saw through life and knew my wants and needs,
and made a gift that very far exceeds!
He gave her to me o so long ago,
but "only yesterday" does it seem so!
From walking hand-in-hand along the beach...
to helping one another see and reach.
The children, jobs, locations in between
have drawn us closer...though far from "routine!"

That gift that I could nowhere else obtain,
God entrusted to me for my gain!
And though 'gain' may have wavered in the slight,
not ever did my love for her leave sight!
And even today, as decades have amassed,
and years of living life have come to pass,
my love for her remains so deep and strong,
and she remains the words unto my song!

I must close this as I wipe the tears.  But I do so saying "Thank you" to Debby Busby for causing my life to be filled with emotions, (most of them wonderful and positive!)  I am one of the wealthiest men in the world to have a woman like, to have YOU as my wife!  For there is not another to compare to, nor that I even desire!
I love you, honey.  Happy Anniversary!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Drawn to Gratitude!

Again, I am moved to write about being thankful and joyful.  Does that mean that we have everything and life is going perfectly?  Sometimes.  Not all times.  But being thankful and full of joy is not based on having everything, it is about having Jesus in my heart, and in Him are all things!

Thankful once again as life

goes by without a clue.
Grateful for the many things
we can and cannot do.
Making lists of all the "things"
for which to give God praise
fills the minutes...fills the hours...
fills the very days!

There be a song of gratitude
that nothing may affect!
Words unto Him, words about Him,
words that sure infect!
Words that praise and glorify
regardless of affair!
Words that touch His very heart
that nothing may impair!

But gratitude far more than word,
and carried out with joy!
That to block distraction so that
nothing may annoy!
Again, it is availed through Him
Who has us in His hands!
So blessed and highly favored them
that follow His commands!

So grateful and so grateful regardless.  Not everything in life is going to go our way, but we are still children of The King, servants of the Most High God!  Possessing of His favor, we press on KNOWING that we have much to be thankful for, and a song within that shall never end!

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Indeed, if you belong to Jesus Christ, your every word and deed will be under scrutiny in one way of another.  For this writer, I must guard my mouth at times, (at ALL times!) as I sometimes kinda "push the envelope" to make someone smile or laugh.  I know that none of you have that problem.

To guard the tongue amidst the evil

that abounds each day...
so infinite, the urges and
the opportune to say
a thing that be offensive...
a thing that be untrue...
a thing to just make someone laugh...
a thing one can't "undo."

"O guard against the urge to say
but anything at all
that would even cause one doubt
against this hallowed call!
Abundant are the outlets that
would draw me into such,
but in all things, may I retain
a pure and gentle touch!"

For it is written years ago
"No man can tame the tongue;"
so I cry out to YOU to cause
sin to remain unsung
by purifying that within
the very heart of me,
that when I speak or write at all
YOUR wisdom it would be!

Pray for me.  Pray for each of us that we would have the words of God available to those who need them...and live our lives in ways that back His words up.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


I was very privileged today to meet so many veterans who came by my window.  It was/is such an honor to personally thank them for their service here and abroad! 
It is my prayer that they sensed genuine gratitude, not just today but every time we see them.

Too often, words of gratitude,

(and actions for the same,)
are displayed but once a year--
for such, it be a shame!
That honor, thanks and admiration
they would sense more oft;
and that their service to this whole world
would not e'er be scoffed!

Often I have been around them

and not found the word!
Tears of honor and respect,
at those times, are occurred!
For I could never do their job,
("defective" was this man!)
but God, in His great wisdom,
nonetheless, had His great plan!

So to you each to heed the call

and honor "duty-bound,"
these verses of great gratitude
inside my heart are found!
And may they find their way to you
that you would know my thanks!
We're grateful so for each of you,
regardless of the ranks!

Yes, thank you again for not just what you do or did, but for who you are: heroes in a country that severely needs them!  God bless you, every veteran, and keep you in His hand!


Friday, November 10, 2017

Heart Thanks!

That's right.  Thankfulness from the heart to each of you who put your life on hold for such as we!

So grateful for each one that signs

to do what few want to...
so grateful we for them that go
where few desire to...
one stroke of a pen and they
could end up anywhere!
So grateful that "America--"
it is their utmost care!

Veterans of yesteryear...
veterans of now...
even veterans now gone,
in gratitude we bow!
You do what some don't want to do...
you do what some cannot...
but know that, in this country's heart,
you surely have a spot!

service to a nation and
a people and a world
is appreciated by so many--
gratitude unfurled!
Not just for a "holiday,"
but each and every day!
We thank you and we pray for you--

Yes, please continue to pray for those who served this country.  Each of us know some.  Thank them when you see them.  You may not like what they are doing, but some of them may not like it, either.  They STILL need our prayers and support!


Thursday, November 9, 2017

His many ways!

God's provision.  God's timing.  God's generosity.  God's perfect care for those who depend on Him.  Oh...the awesome benefits of trusting in Him!

Once again, the phone to ring
from many miles away.
"Hey Jim, we have a package for you,"
friendly voices say.
Just a humble package come
to them who pass it on;
but were it not for their great heart-
$600.00 gone!

Give, it shall be given
in oh so many ways!
To see a need and meet it will
return to you in days!
And even multiplied to you
as only Jesus can!
Oh, keep on stand-by with your heart,
for God--He has a plan!

God--my Great Provider, He
has moved yet one time more!
To see unto each others' needs--
for that's what we're here for!
See to it that we pass it on,
(and with a heart of joy!)
These are the very kinds of acts
His children should employ.

God has so many ways to provide for and meet our needs.  NEVER TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED!  Be grateful at every turn for that which constantly flows from up above!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


As the colors of autumn become richer and deeper, I see that they are also becoming sparse.  It's all part of His order set in motion before creation itself.
Have you seen His beauty yet today?

The splendor of His handiwork

in every way you turn!
Though several weeks of season left
the colors would yet burn!
Covering the ground again,
(and changing even there!)
autumn in the Ozarks leaves
it's beauty everywhere!

But take a moment just to know

the sight before it's gone.
For it will be desired when
the white goes on and on...
But for the moment God creates
a color masterpiece
that bids the wonder to enjoy
as labors briefly cease!

Take a moment this day to merely stop, look around and find God's fingerprint.  I promise, you won't have to look very far!


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Filling Station

The more the days advance, the closer we get to the end, more necessary become those moments we spend in the Presence of Jesus.
Our Refuge.
Our Hiding Place.
Our Protector.
Our Defender.
Our Everything.

"Jesus, in Your Presence I
must once more seek retreat.
I must enjoy Perfection as
I go about the street.
I have to know that You are here
wherever I may go;
for even if I stay right here,
it helps for me to know!

O Lord, my blessed assurance that

You're in complete control!
For as I stand upon that Truth,
I know that I'll be whole!
For even as the world about
may seem to go awry,
You flex Your mighty arms and say
'Fear not, child, here am I!'

But Lord, in this location where

it's You and I alone,
Your healing strength and restoration
is so fully known.
And I appreciate that You
yet fathom my retreat;
for here do You provide the time,
and I emerge complete!"

The Presence of God. 

It is a place that we must so often go just to fathom what is happening in this life.  And that which we cannot fathom?  We must leave that with Him so that we can yet go forward. 
Find that location and go there often.  For there can He refill us with what we will need.

Monday, November 6, 2017


It has gone from being on national news to being on local news...
It has gone from seeing people on TV to seeing people we go to church with...
However, God remains in control and His ways will prevail...

So much is there to try and halt
the good that is alive;
we never shall allow it to!
For we shall each arrive!
There is a place called "Heaven," and
that place is very real!
We cannot let the things of earth,
the goodness there, conceal!
For Jesus Christ is Victory
in spite of what we see!
His Word, for it remains The Truth,
despite iniquity!
And Heaven, it remains a greater
future for His Own;
and in that Place, every answer
will be clearly known!
But on the way, let not the good
that is alive be stayed
by workings of the enemy
whose path is firmly laid!

The enemy knows his future.  Thus, he will do all he can in these final days to rob, steal and destroy, but GREATER IS CHRIST WITHIN US THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD!  Much pain has been inflicted in the past few weeks.  The very same has drawn much goodness out of the hearts of others, as we reach out to those affected.  Don't let ANY event callous us and cause His Love to wax cold.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The days that are

"Another incredible day!"
That can mean a myriad of different things to all people.  That which impresses, excites or blesses this man may mean little or nothing for many others.  Therefore, "another incredible day" to me is in reference to the way that God has moved in my life today...and most of the lives of those who were with me!

Being in a meeting filled

with honesty and truth;
watching as the Lord affects,
from elder down to youth!
Knowing the reality
of Jesus and His ways-
it causes us to go through living
with a song of praise!
A song of praise within, regardless
what may be without...
a song of praise to overcome
the tendency to doubt...
a song of praise for to escort us
through that valley deep...
a song of praise to guarantee
that Christ, our souls, shall keep!

Being in a meeting for

to fill up one time more;
to even lift each other up-
for that is what we're for!
Away, but for a moment, from
the world and its ways;
being in a meeting with
God present to amaze!!

With all that is happening in and around us and the ones we love, this is a very necessary place for us to empty out...fill up...let go...hang on...and receive further instruction for the days that are.

Press on, my brothers and sisters, JESUS CHRIST IS COMING SOON!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Fortunate to see!

The past several months have taught this writer how fortunate he is to see, and just how precious vision is!  Especially on a day like this...

Savoring the colors of
November afternoon!
So varied are the shades that are,
and then...gone too soon!
However, in the moment as
my Father has His brush,
creation is created while
all else is bidden "Hush!"

Precious are the moments and
so brief to be the time;
the poet even is to hurry
just to catch the rhyme!
But Him who paints the very lands
provides the words, also,
so the poet can help others,
His great touch, to know!

Savoring the colors while
communing with the Lord.
Discussing the majestic sights
that He would yet afford!
So very fortunate, the ones
who truly see and know
Creator God's great handiwork
upon us to bestow!

Savor the beauty of the seasons!  Enjoy the sights that are and thank God for them!  You never know when that privilege may be altered in any way!

Only 'words?'

Unfortunately, in the days that we are in, it is amazing how much damage one can do in so little time...

How tragic be the damage
a simple word can do!
How tempting be to share a rumor,
even if untrue.
How starving be the appetite
to nourish, lest we miss...
how wretched be the heart that would
concoct a word like this!!

But then, how deranged is a heart
that feeds on such as this?
For gossip, lies and rumors, they
are out of the abyss!
And what say of the ones that just
can't wait to pass them on?
One more vestige of integrity
completely gone.

One more sign Christ spoke about
concerning "final days."
"Men accusing falsely--" just
another of the ways.
But know those of integrity
that when such words arise
you'll know that they are only "words,"
from demons in disguise!

The days that we are in are evil.  If I don't like someone, have something against them, hate something about them, all I have to do is whisper it or put it on the web and it spreads like wildfire!  Often ruining the reputation of another...even if that "another" has nothing to do with what's being said.
God help us!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Christ in me!

Life.  It varies from day to day...indeed, moment-by-moment!  There is, however, something that remains secure and dependable, and that is Christ in me!

Christ in me--that blessed Hope

to which I dearly cling!
His Presence--it so generates
that Hope of which we sing!
So liberating is His Presence
as we enter in!
Yes, the glory of His Majesty
escorts us past all sin!

Christ in me--above the flesh,
His Presence makes to rise!
It's HIS endurance that reminds
of that beyond the skies!
causing me to press ahead
through that which may abound,
and keeping me secure in Him--
secure and safe and sound!

Christ in me--THE Victory
so long ago attained!
Available for anyone,
and by the heart obtained!
Christ within assuring that
great victory be known
until we see Him, (then forever!)
on His mighty throne!!

Jesus Christ within.  He has promised to be as we have vowed to allow Him be Savior of our souls.  But don't CONFINE Him to that place!  See to it that He is dispersed from you all day long wherever you go...for He is certainly needed in those places!