Monday, October 23, 2017

Waiting with others

Early in the morning...
They schedule these tests at some weird times!
Yet some are here with no appointment whatsoever...

A waiting room once more;

four people...maybe more...
silence is so loud!
Concerned--the anxious crowd.

God walks amongst the chairs,
embracing unawares.
He sees beyond the rush
and bids all stresses "Hush..."

So ripe--the mission field?

What, then, shall be the yield?
They probably want an ear
to listen--not just "hear."

Angels unaware
at every hint of care!
At times, with just a smile;
where am I for the while?

In a hospital waiting room.  Among several that have as many answers as I do!  Concern for loved ones somehow always levels the field.  We are all in this together.  But Jesus is here, too!  For it is in Him that I find my peace and ability to rest.  Do they?  A wanting glance or a nervous word is usually a giving sign of said desire. 
Will you be ready?

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