Friday, October 27, 2017

The Ancient of Days

Remember that title?  Daniel uses it in chapter 7 to refer to God.  Though in this reference it is referring to God as judge, Isaiah 57:15 also alludes to Him; this time, however, as the Holy One Who inhabits eternity and has a heart for the contrite and humble, and His ability to revive the same. 

O I want to be with the Ancient of Days!
To witness the learn of His ways!
I know of His mercy, His grace and love, too,
but oh how I long for to have Him in view!

I want to be with the Ancient of Days
with the redeemed, His anthem to raise!
Joining with seraph in song without end!
Fulfilling, oh glory, the words that are penned!

Yes, I want to be with the Ancient of Days,
feting Him only with worship and praise!
Meeter of mine, this life's every need,
praising Him ever and ever, indeed!

The Ancient of Days.  Have you read that reference yet?  Do so, and look at everything He is and will be in that Paradise that awaits!  Ask Him into your heart and make Him YOUR Lord today!

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