Thursday, October 26, 2017

That Marvelous Sound!

Oh, that special time of escape into His Presence!  Each of His children NEED such a time each day...if not more!  There is a glorious way He has of notifying me of that time...

A blessing unto me, that marvelous sound!
I know not another place it can be found.
It can’t be recorded, it cannot be penned;
can just be experienced if you ascend!

A harmony sweeter than ever did ring;
it beckons unto me to join in and sing!
And so does my spirit, (in that other tongue,)
make harmony with them in spiritual song!

And all of the noises in unison ring
to Him on the throne, oh victorious King!
And when we are taken in flight to that place
we’ll join praise to Jesus Who saved us by grace!

Oh, what a glorious time to look forward to!  Our hearts so yearn for that time to be at His side...FOREVER!

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