Monday, October 23, 2017

Remember the words!

Sometimes, it becomes (or seems to be) necessary to remind God what He promised us in His Word.  I know He hasn't forgotten it, so perhaps He wants US to commit those words so that WE can recall?

"Remember the words to Your servant
upon which You cause me to hope.
‘Tis comfort, Lord, in my affliction;
without it, how then shall I cope?

And this is the comfort I find there:
Your Word—it is life unto me!
And, though the base ridicule me,
astray from it I’ll never be! 

Oh, brought to my memory so vivid,
my Father, Your judgments of old!
But know Ye, forever and ever,
those miracles, they shall be told!
Yea, clearly so, Father, to this day,
those timeless truths do I apply.
Make me to be blameless before You
until the day when I shall fly!" 

My hope and my stay, they are anchored;
unshaken in my walk, I am!
And, though my heart has His inscription,
my soul has the Blood of the Lamb!!
Therefore, as I trod to that city,
I’ve confidence full in my claim
because, in the day of salvation,
I cried out His blessed, holy Name!

I KNOW that He would never forget His promises to us!  It is definitely us who need to stay in His Word so that we know it when we need it!
(Psalm 119:49-53) 

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