Monday, October 16, 2017


Walking with my Father in
the cool of autumn mist...
leaves to rustle 'neath my feet--
season to exist;
beholding all that He creates
as we walk along...
listening to nature sing
in His exclusive song!

Walking with my Father--though
He loves to hear my voice,
I be silenced as we hear
but all of life rejoice!
The leaves, the breeze, the little birds
contribute to that song
that is so easy on the ears
as He says "you belong!"

Walking with my Father--what

a way, the time, to spend!
Oh, if there be just a way,
this moment, to extend!
Especially upon this hill
before His grand creation!
My Father and myself--oh what
a glorious relation!

Find for yourself such valuable relation!  I can't get it for you.  I can only tell you about it.  You must call on Him for yourself, become related through His son Jesus, and then come to know all the wonders He has set aside for those He calls His Own!

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