Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Real pain!

The pain--it is so real...
severely do I feel!
Others come with talk:
"Is that a 'proper' walk?"

Another day to enter into battle-
sin inside this world providing such.
Each day be glory, but some have a challenge,
and we will overcome due Jesus' touch!
Victory is promised to the soldiers,
yet, not every day, will it be seen;
press on, however, with your measure faithful,
knowing that, by God, you're overseen!

The pain--for it will go,
for certain do we know!
For Christ sustains us yet;
And, past this, we will get!

Yes, "this, too, shall pass."  Are you able to press on until then...and beyond?  Too many folks are trying to do this on their own, in themselves.  That leads to failure.  Depending on the strength and grace of God within us and about us will advance us in this battle, prosper and sustain us.  Can you trust for such in Him instead of yourself?

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