Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Going through the comes along and...POW!  Now what do you do?  I know there are some of you out there with all the answers and know how to handle every situation in life, but some of us don't.
So I do the first thing that comes to mind--PRAY!

"My Father, here I am again,
I turn to You alone.
Life has happened in a way
that I have never known!
You been with me through o so much,
You've been with me through ALL!
Yet I have never been this way,
therefore, Your Name, I call.
I know You have seen this before,
and I know how it went.
Your Holy Word assures me that
this time will be well-spent.
I know not how long it will take
until it's made aright,
but I KNOW there will be a time
when I will be alright!

My Father, here I am again,
I need Your healing touch.
The Blood of Jesus Christ was shed
so that I could have such!
The medical professionals, they
may not know the cure,
but this I KNOW: I call Your Name,
my healing to secure!"

You're going along about your get up to go do something and when you get to that can't see out of your right eye!!  Such happened to me yesterday.
They are in the process of working on it.  Please join us in prayer about it, won't you?  While you're at it, give God the praise and glory for it, because He already SEES the end result, and it will be good.

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