Sunday, October 15, 2017


Why do we do what we do?  At the heart of everything we do is incentive or motive, and those actions reflect one thing: "What is in your heart?"

But for the glory of the Lord
do we do what we do!
For HIS lone exaltation are we
led to see it through!
He is the One Who calls us with
assignments everywhere
that more would come to know His love,
His mercy and His care!

To do such for ourselves, but we
should surely come to fall!
To do such seeking any "gain"
defeats the "gift" in all!
But do all being pure in heart
and seeking gain for THEM--
only then will you find favor
in the eyes of Him!

But for the glory of the Lord--
the same, joy to become.
It be the best for others and
His grace contains the sum!
It's for His glory anyway
so do the best you can,
seeking to please only HIM
and not for praise from man.

Sure, praise from people may come as you do what you do, but do not let it be the only reason you do it!  For when such becomes the motive, you will surely come to know disappointment!

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